First Impressions Matter

  Roof stains, dirty siding, walks, decks and drives in need of attention?  Your sellers property can be transformed in less than one day!  Suggest a "Home Makeover"cleaning and attract buyers attention ...

Association Assistance

In charge of multiple buildings?  We will work with you to develop an affordable program that meets your budget and prioritizes property maintenance projects. Our evaluation identifies current and future cleaning needs ...

Professional Appearance

 Keep your investments protected! by relying on a professional.  We service small to large projects -  commercial, retail and special use properties, including mini-malls, banks even bleachers, waste containers and more ...

  The Future of Cleaning is Here

 Soft Wash / No Pressure

House Shampoo, Inc.  Soft WashNo Pressure roof, gutter, siding & exterior cleaning services are the most effective cleaning money can buy.  This process was refined using ideas developed for the agriculture, including a gentle delivery system to apply the solutions.  This process is the only one recommended by roofing shingle manufacturers, protecting your material warranty. It is also a very productive solution to clean siding and other exterior components.  The machinery operates on battery power and is Eco-friendly -  no noise, no fumes, no spills, No Pressure!

 Cleaning Services

  • Roofing - Shingles - Cedar - Tile - Slate
  • Siding - Gutters - Soffit - Fascia & more
  • Decks - Fences
  • Drives - Walks - Garages and more..
  • Stone -  Brick -  Stucco
  • Windows
  • Staining and Sealing
  • Gutter Cleaning - Gutter Covers 
  • Caulking - Flashing - Leak Repairs

Black Streaks / Roof Algae / Lichen / Moss

The technical name for black streaks is Gloeocapsa Magma, an airborne algae that feeds on limestone filler in your shingle material.  Lichen (a parasite of algae), accelerates the damage with root tentacles that embed themselves in the protective shingle granules.  With time this results in the granules dislodging, creating voids that expose the shingle mat to weather and UV rays.  Moss acts as a moisture trap preventing roofing material from fully drying out, resulting in rot. 







Proactive vs. Reactive     

We all know that nothing lasts forever, so we encourage all our customers to consider selecting a customizable maintenance program.  After initial  servicing, regular scheduled "tune-ups" consisting of ...

Pride / Preserve / Perform

Home ownership requires hard work!  Keeping up with home maintenance projects is often difficult and time consuming.  We are here to help revitalize your homes exterior features and keep it looking great ...

      Black Streaks on your Roof ?  House Shampoo, Inc.  Roof Cleaning Service   has"The Solution"! 

Gentle                 Safe               Guaranteed

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*Soft-Wash Services:  Roofing Cleaning - Gutter Cleaning - Siding Cleaning - Deck Cleaning - Fence Cleaning - Furniture Cleaning & More

*Pressure-Washing Services: Flat - Concrete - Brick - Stone

*Additional Services:  Window Cleaning - Caulking - Repairs - Gutter Cleaning - Leaf Protection

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