We had House Shampoo wash the cedar shingle siding and asphalt shingle roof
of our house.  Next up - stripping our deck and refinishing it.
Conscientious, high quality and thoroughness doesn't begin to describe

the work the House Shampoo crew did on our home.  
Even with this being their busy season, we were able to have them
come out on a day of our choosing for the estimate.  
They were clear about what I could expect and prompt with the estimate.  
They started the work when promised.  
Protected our landscaping, and cleaned our gutters while they were on the roof.  
When doing the work,  the staff noticed a small wood fence surrounding
our propane tank and asked if they could clean that as well!  
The place looks outstanding.  
People that have seen the before and after all remark how wonderful it turned out.  
We've asked House Shampoo to tackle our deck next.  Looking forward to the result.

P. Magrini - Woodstock, IL

My roof looks brand new, and I forgot the

true color of my roof. 

My gutters were cleaned and I had my patio

washed and my concrete step at my front door.


I am a very happy client and

would recommend House Shampoo highly!

D. Novak - Rolling Meadows, IL

The quality of work and materials used exceeded our expectations. 

Our steep asphalt shingled roof has never looked so good. 

We should have done this sooner.

  Thank you Angie's List for making the connection.

J. Ridge - Glen Ellyn, IL


WOW ... those were the only words out of my stunned mouth when I saw

my roof.  When I left my house in the morning, I was skeptical. 

I didn't even know that my roof color was different. 

So much dirt, grime, moss and gunk build up

changed the whole color of the roof.

Amazing and wonderful results.


I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking about it. 

House Shampoo's crew did an outstanding job!

C. D'Avria - Spring Grove, IL

House Shampoo delivered a real value for the price.  

It's hard to find someone to do this type of task,

and their process was effective to gently remove years of dirt,

mildew and lichen from our cedar roof. 

We would definitely use them again,

but probably won't need to for several years.

L & J - Barrington, IL


Because business today depends so heavily on the internet to educate, attract and retain customer business,

we want to encourage all of our past and present customers to consider supporting us with their online endorsements. 

Please know how thankful we are when you post your reviews!


We are so pleased with the results from House Shampoo! 
Our property is very wooded and therefore does not get much direct sunlight. 
Soon after replacing our roof, it kept getting more and more black staining. 
Our freshly stained gray siding began to develop a large amount of green film
on several areas.   Every time we would pull up to our house,
all that I could see was a dirty house. 
I didn't know what to do until I saw an ad for House Shampoo. 
The House Shampoo crew were very professional and did a
fantastic job cleaning up the exterior of our house. 
Now it looks brand new!
We highly recommend this service!

Rachel - Crystal Lake, IL

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I would highly recommend the folks at House Shampoo. 

The streaks on my roof looked terrible. 

They did a great job and now my roof looks like new.  

Their pricing was fair, they came out and did what they said

they would do, and did it when they said they would do it.

It was really a good experience from start  to finish.

R. Czubek - Elgin, IL

We had experienced discoloration of our roof for a number of years and instead of getting

better, as we mistakenly hoped with each season, the discoloration got worse.

  We contacted House Shampoo and are very pleased with the work and the results.

The work was done exactly on time as scheduled which is much appreciated.

The roof looked brand new after the work and continues five months later. 

The results far surpassed our expectations.

  Thank you House Shampoo for the great work!

Lynne B. - Northbrook, IL

Customer Testimonials

With gratitude to our customers for the privilege of working for them - we want to share their feedback ...

Two years ago, we noticed some streaks of black with green speckles on our roof,

especially on the front of the house that faces north.  I had no idea whom

to turn to to clean it, when amazingly last summer we read your ad

in a flyer that came in the mail.  It described our roof’s situation perfectly,

and we realized we needed a true pro to remove the algae and lichen

that were destroying the shingles.

House Shampoo thoroughly answered our questions on the phone and came

out the following weekend to shampoo our roof.  I didn’t know what to expect,

but they cleaned the shingles and completely protected the trees and bushes

around the house.  The staff were so professional,

and when they were done, the roof looked brand new! 

House Shampoo prices were also very reasonable for the hours of work they put in.


We would definitely recommend you to homeowners with black streaks on their roofs. 

Look around, and you’ll see those roofs are everywhere!

I am so happy I can help you in any way with House Shampoo. 

Your work ethic and kindness are additional reasons for people to find you! 

Have a great summer! 

It is going to be summer, isn’t it?

Blessings to you!


Barbara and David Cooke - Long Grove, IL


 The House Shampoo crew did a fabulous job on the cleaning of our home.

We could not be more satisfied with the results.  We live in a heavily

wooded area where the trees cause a lot of unsightly growth to the house.  

The House Shampoo crew was very professional and respectful.

You know they are treating your house right when you don't hear

any loud power washing sounds -- just the quieter spraying and scrubbing.

We like to keep a low cyber space profile but felt it necessary

to provide this valuable feed back!


N & E Crystal Lake,IL

Quality of the work was outstanding. We had a very heavy moss

growth and House Shampoo spent the required time

on the job to kill all the moss.

We were very happy with the work and intend to hire them

again for maintenance roof cleaning.

J. Berry - Hawthorne Woods

Okay, I may be geeking out about this too much,

but I am SOOOOO HAPPY with the results. 

I am a clean freak and Gary has

the ultimate clean freak’s job.  
I stopped by last night to bring my parents cars

in the drive and spent twenty minutes

walking around the house in amazement.


Thanks again to the whole crew

for a job that far exceeded anything

I could have dreamed of.

Can’t wait for my parents to come home.
Looking forward to having my house done, too!

Harry S.  - Lake in the Hills, IL

It went great.  It was a big undertaking and it turned out wonderful. 

They were professional, thorough and very friendly. 

The job was so large that it was a 2-day undertaking. 

They did exactly what they promised -  when they promised.

F & P Stella - Johnsburg, IL

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I just wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with the way the house,

sidewalk, fence, and chimney look. Everything looks so fresh and clean.

I have never seen my sidewalk look this clean!
I will be happy to refer your company to others.

S. Evans - St. Charles, IL

House Shampoo, Inc.

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You guys did an awesome job.
Very professional and it looks great!
Please feel free to use me as a reference.

M. Hagee - Kildeer, IL

We had a forest of weeds and moss growing on my

cedar shake roof. The roof was treated , cleared and cleaned. 

The House Shampoo team did an amazing job -

my roof looks brand new again!

It always nice when you have a service that is provided that is

well done and professional.

Very nice guys and I would highly recommend.​

A. Feffer - Long Grove, IL

   I would be pleased to be used as a reference!  Please use my comments on your     website.  I am very happy with the outcome.  The (cedar shake) roof looks

great and so does the rest of the house.  House Shampoo cleaned the entire

house and my single rose right outside the middle of the back of the house not only is still alive, but it looks better than before the service! 


Dr. M. Navabi - Barrington Hills, IL

When we saw the work that the crew from House Shampoo did on my sister's house, we were amazed.  We decided to have them come out and give

us an estimate on our 13 year old home.  We had not done any exterior work and it was beginning to show its age.  House Shampoo was very customer service-centric and very patient as we talked about options.  They forwarded a detailed quote to us the same day and sent "before" pictures.  We knew our house needed

to be cleaned but we were stunned to see how bad the roof looked from above.  We were also delighted that House Shampoo could clean our wood fence

which was covered with lichen and moss on the north side boards.  It did not stop there...we were elated to find out that they could clean, add sand, and seal

our pavers!  They were able to get us scheduled based on our convenience and the staff did a phenomenal job on our house, roof, fence and pavers! 

The house looks brand new....we can hardly believe our eyes. 

It was such a pleasure working with the staff at House Shampoo; they are so professional, friendly, and diligent.

We have landscaping that they needed to work around and nothing was damaged. 

Customer service excellence is their top priority and it shows up in their results.  All of the green lichen, mold, debris and dirt are completely gone. 

My husband and I will continue to use House Shampoo to keep the house in top shape in the future. 

Thanks for delivering a platinum level product and stellar service!

J. Malkiewicz ~ South Elgin, IL

​Each year, Angie's List presents its Super Service Award to businesses that have maintained a superior service rating.  Approximately 5% of businesses on Angie's List
meet these eligibility requirements.​​ 
House Shampoo is proud to be the recipient
for the 3rd year running!
roof cleaning, house washing, siding cleaning, paver cleaning, hardscape cleaning, roof algae, green algae

House Shampoo is an exceptional company.  Before contacting House Shampoo I was concerned I might need to replace my roof because

the moss and discoloration was so abundant.  I have a rather large house with a 40 year roof on it, but we are only 20 years into the life of the roof. 

They were prompt to our initial consultation and assured me that House Shampoo could restore my roof to its original condition. 

I was skeptical because, as I said, my roof was very heavily discolored and covered in moss on our north side.  However, they were absolutely correct. 

Our roof indeed looks brand new.  I was amazed at the results.  I don't say that lightly. 

The House Shampoo staff took great care throughout the process of making sure the siding and plants around the house were washed down. 

Any questions I had along the way they not only answered but explained with great expertise. 

They are professionals through and through.  In fact I would say they went above and beyond what they originally promised me. 

I have and will continue to recommend House Shampoo to anyone in need of such services.

M. R. - Woodstock, IL

I had the pleasure of having House Shampoo work on my house yesterday.  

I just wanted to say that the crew did an incredible job removing

green mold, dirt and other pollutants from my vinyl siding, shutters 

and gutters, mold and lichens from my roof, and cleaning my wood decks. 

Not only were they professional, efficient, and careful

with my property, but they were courteous and respectful.

My house of 30 years looks like brand new.  I couldn't be more pleased ...

they literally brought tears to my eyes when I saw

how beautiful the house looked when it was finished. 

I  look forward to an ongoing relationship with your company ...

Feel free to use me as a referral/recommendation. 

I don't usually do that,

but I feel a five-star company,

providing gold star service,

deserves my whole-hearted support. 

Thanks again!

C. Janusz  -  South Elgin, IL

"We just love what we do!"

I couldn't be happier with the way everything came out! I wish I had found

House Shampoo sooner.  I am getting ready to sell my house

and it gave the house a fresh, clean look.

Great service!!

C. Bateman - Johnsburg, IL

Angies List

Job very well done. The house was really dirty (especially the back which is exposed to a lot of foliage, etc.).

It looks absolutely wonderful now and I am very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend this service to anyone needing a house shampoo.

P. Frye ~ Island Lake

Google Reviews, house washing, roof cleaning, exterior cleaning, soft-wash cleaning, black roof streaks, green algae

I will never forget how bad my siding was!

It made my entire month to have this done and turn out so well.

It is such a breath of fresh air to actually experience great

results from an investment in home maintenance. Many times when getting work done, the work is not satisfactory.

We so appreciate your professionalism,

attention to detail, and excellent work!

Thanks so much again, and please feel free to use me as a reference!

L. Blankenship - Inverness, IL


We had a very large job which included a pool deck, large stone patio, blue stone walkway, stone walls, and lots of outside furniture.  

Our back yard is shaded so it is a natural setting for mold, mildew, algae, and moss to grow so everything was pretty badly stained.

House Shampoo came out and gave me a proposal and said they would make everything look like new.

I must say everything was in pretty bad shape but I decided to give them a try.

Well they were 100% correct my backyard hasn't looked so good since we put everything in.

The results were unbelievable and I could not be happier.

The House Shampoo crew came out and I can say I have never seen a team work any harder than these guys.

All I can say if I could give these guys more than 5 stars I would.

If you have any issues with mold, mildew, algae, moss these are your guys!

B. Cutler - Lake Zurich, IL